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Frozen Islands: New Horizons Game


The Vikings have released the sails for their grand quest! Help them claim all the lands in this fun adventure and strategy game called Frozen Islands: New Horizon! The goal here is to move your Vikings from island to island and try to capture them. Deploy the required amount of Viking soldiers and defeat the tribes and other creatures in that island. If you managed to defeat them, you will be able to earn gold as tax. Manage your Viking crew and upgrade them from the gold tax you’ve collected. The conquered islands may also rebel if you loot too much tax, so be nice!


It’s the age of Vikings, myth and war so why not get involved with Frozen Islands: New Horizons. Command your Viking army to explore the seas, battle tribes and take their islands. Frozen Islands lets you do all those things while having fun. Take your time growing your colonies of islands to help you in your quest to be the master of the world or at least just search new horizons.


Frozen Islands: New Horizons has good aesthetics. The graphics utilizes a hand drawn cartoonish style of art. The animation itself is smooth and clear during the movements and the battles. The intro itself uses a comic book style of presentation. We just get the intro of the Vikings starting out their journey to explore the seas. The music itself is also good as it gives you that medieval or Viking vibe to it. The music changes from between the battle and to the world map which are both good.


There are two parts of the gameplay aspect in Frozen Islands so let’s start first with the battle system. The battle system is actually automatic in a sense. When conquering an island, the player can form a party of Vikings. They have six available Vikings at the beginning where they can mix and form a party. It’s important to note that each Viking has a specialty in terms of how they attack and what kind of enemy they are effective against. During the battle, the party will automatically attack the enemies and the enemies will also attack back. Both sides will have set of HP and once the HP will be depleted on one side means that they are defeated. However the Vikings will have to fight more than one battle when conquering the island. This is why forming a party of Vikings is important whenever you’re going to conquer one. You can also pick up treasure in some of the islands. There are also random ships that sail on the seas that if you hit them will spark a battle. Just win the battle to move forward. Now that we’re done with the battle system, let’s go to the gameplay aspect when you’re not in battle. First of all you can purchase other Vikings that are locked in the game. Players can also upgrade the Vikings that they have on their line-up. Whenever the player captures an island, they can impose taxes on it. They can collect the taxes from time to time for more gold. They can also upgrade the tax collection level on each island but beware of the mood of the people as they can revolt if the taxes are too high hence you’ll lose control of that island. When you’re also in the world map you get to see the islands scattered. Islands have different levels so make sure to capture the ones that have low levels or those that are adequate to you. Make sure to enjoy conquering islands and widen your territory.

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