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How to install DirectAdmin on a VPS

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Please read this article to get codes for the installation:
If you need support on how to install DirectAdmin on a VPS, please visit our web hosting forum –

Steps to install Direcatadmin:
Step 1: Do you meet the system requirements?
– Clean OS install: check install.php to ensure you’ve got a supported OS
– At least one external IP address (IP Requirements)
– SSH installed, gcc, g++, openssl-devel installed.
– Run the pre-install commands before starting the install

Step 2: Make sure your license information is correct.
Sign into your client account Directadmin.comclients and click the “view” link next to your license.

Verify that the server IP address and operating system is correct. Also make sure that the license is Active and Verified (if it isn’t, then our billing system hasn’t processed your order yet).

Step 3: Begin the installation!
Login as root and download the setup.sh file


Hint: Use “fetch” instead of “wget” on FreeBSD systems.

Change permissions on the setup.sh file

chmod 755 setup.sh

Run the script


You will be prompted for a client ID number, license ID number, and hostname.

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  • July 8, 2020 at 4:21 pm
    Bas V.

    are nameservers required in directadmin or is it only to make DNS records in directadmin? i only want to make DNS changes at my domain provider


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